Resources for Estate Planning

Learn more about the importance of estate planning, last wills and testaments, revocable living trusts, power of attorney services, probates, and more.

Importance of Estate Planning While Traveling

You may also need a Power of Attorney if something comes up unexpectedly while you are out of town. What if a contract needs to be signed or you need someone to handle an issue at your financial institution? Having your Power of Attorney in place before your trip takes care of these issues and gives you one less thing to worry about while you are out of town.

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I’m Not Rich; Why Do I Need A Trust?

The pros and cons of a specific estate plan structure are generally the same for different estate amounts. If you have one hundred dollars or one million dollars, you will receive the same type of benefits or negatives.

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How do I provide for my family member who has special needs?

A special needs trust must be funded, like any other trust, before it can effectively operate to distribute assets to a named beneficiary. This means that the decedent or some other individual must place assets into the trust before the selected trustee (the “fiduciary”) may distribute those assets from the special needs trust to the named beneficiary.

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